Door sizes

Elite Series doors have a standard headroom requirement of 12". Low headroom kits are available for special applications.

Height 21" 24" Total
6'    3  3
7'  4    4
7'3"  3  1  4
7'6"  2  2  4
7'9"  1  3  4
8'    4  4
8'9"  5    5
9'  4  1  5
9'3"  3  2  5
9'6"  2  3  5
9'9"  1  4


10'    5 5

Premium quality in every layer

We use only the best components for a finished product that delivers unmatched quality and durability:

  • Finest quality Canadian galvanized steel
  • Polyester paint topcoats to protect the underlying zinc coating
  • Thermal-Break separates steel skins to reduce cold/heat conductivity, and stops frost and moisture from collecting on the inside of the door


We design and manufacture all hardware components to ensure:

  • Optimum strength, durability andsmooth operation
  • Highest gauge and strongest steelamongst the market
  • Top quality nylon rollers for long lifeand quiet operation
  • Computer balanced oil temperedtorsion springs, steel bearings anddie cast cable drums increase easeof operation
  • Corrosion resistant galvanizing isused on all steel parts to reduce thepossibility of rusting

Weather Seal

  • Exterior grade, double finned weather-stripping provides excellent protection from outside elements as well as a crisp finishing touch to the perimeter of your door.
  • Air and wind flow is eliminated bythe use of a continuous weather sealinserted between each section.
  • Arctic grade seal conforms tominor floor irregularities providingprotection against outside air, dust,dirt and moisture.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Finished with a factory applied,baked-on, two-coat exterior polyester paint finish on both sides gives years of maintenance-free operation.The seamless steel inside brightens the interior of the garage and is easy to keep clean.


  • 15 year warranty against cracking,splitting or deterioration due to rust
  • Seven years against delamination of the polyurethane foam from the steel skin on the panel
  • One year on defects in workmanship and material